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Blue Smoke

Our Capabilities 

Cybersecurity /Information Assurance 

Cloud Development and Security

Zero Trust Architecture

Consulting/Training/Analytics Services 

Agile Development 

Technical /Network Support Services 

Cloud Development and Security 

APF Technology provides cloud program management office services, including limitless expansion and secure hosting capabilities for on- and off-premise data storage/management to allow our customers to leverage resources close to the user and extend their reach. We conduct and share trade studies as well as provide alternative analysis and proof of concept development. ​

We evaluate a customer’s current service and transition legacy systems into a collection of loosely-coupled, reusable services executed in a flexible cloud environment. We centralize hardware resources to drive towards an optimal network configuration, providing peak resource utilization and the consolidation of data centers to directly increase IT efficiency and provide value as well as low-cost maintainability at every tier. Our support of mission-critical services allows us to employ various security systems and applications as we integrate security tools and software to predict, track, and secure systems from emerging threats. 


Cybersecurity/ Information Assurance

APF Technology understands the criticality of cybersecurity measures and stays abreast of emerging threat hunting tools and technologies. Uncovering enterprise security deficits and determining best-value solutions is our first step to developing, implementing, and coordinating services to protect our customers’ critical systems from emerging threats via threat prediction and thwarting.​

APF Technology ensures cybersecurity throughout system builds. We perform vulnerability/risk analyses of computer systems and applications during all phases of the system development life cycle, ensures that all information systems are functional and secure, performs system security tuning, provides security monitoring, and performs general and privileged user account management, among other services to integrate cybersecurity throughout the contract.


Agile Development 

To improve collaboration, software development timelines, and the overall end-product, Agile project management methods have stepped to the forefront of software development. APF Technology provides top-tier facilitation of Agile methods to our customer for implementation, introducing Customer Off-the-Shelf (COTS) products, custom applications, and integration. ​

Our Agile practitioners include Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Agile SMEs, Release Train Engineers, and Project Consultants. They help software development team members produce value using modern, highly responsive practices, such as user-centered design, behavior-driven development, and lightweight prototypes. ​

Our employees are highly adaptable and operate within organizations at any level of Agile maturity, using and training others in Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Development and Operations (DevOps), Kanban, or Scrum Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) frameworks.


Zero Trust Architecture

APF Technology places a high priority on cybersecurity, exemplified by our  Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) that aligns with NIST SP 800-207. This advanced framework goes beyond traditional network-based perimeters by prioritizing users, assets, and resources. We continuously update our ZTA implementation to effectively address the ever-evolving challenges in cybersecurity. By incorporating ZT security into our infrastructure and workflows, we ensure compliance with NIST publications and meet customer-defined audit requirements. Our ZTA capability extends to day-to-day implementation, monitoring, and maintenance of security practices. Overall, our commitment to ZTA demonstrates our dedication to safeguarding critical information assets.

IT Services

Consulting/Training/Analytics Services

APF Technology strives to support our customers as fully as possible, which means providing necessary consulting, training, and analytics services. We have provided Media Communications Consulting and supported Outside the Contiguous United States (OCONUS) efforts with curriculum development/analysis and training support services. We also provide intelligence analytics as well as administrative, training, and logistics support. 


Technical/Network Support Services 

In order to run smoothly, every business and agency needs support when it comes to technical/network development and maintenance. APF Technology meets every challenge and operates in the function needed to keep our customers’ operations functioning. We are experienced in upgrading, operating, and maintaining technical countermeasures (TCMs), security systems, and closed-circuit video (CCV) systems for Government facilities.  

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